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  • Alpine Touring

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    Massively more popular now than it was even 5 years ago,
    this is probably the most versatile type of ski gear you can buy.
    Use it for everything, everywhere. Earn those turns or don't,
    the choice is yours.

  • Telemark Skiing

    View Telemark Skiing products »

    How has one turn become a complete discipline?
    Using increasingly wide and powerful skis, boots and
    bindings telemark is the versatile left-field cousin
    of Alpine Touring.

  • Nordic Skiing

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    This is backcountry ski touring, often from hut to hut,
    on more modest gradients and generally, unpisted snow.
    Skis (always metal edged) have been getting wider with
    more pronounced sidecut and heels are never fixed.
    They'll work everywhere from the local golf course
    to a traverse across an alpine plateau.

  • XC Skiing

    View Cross Country Skiing products »

    Cross country skiing on lightweight non-metal edged skis
    is an adventure and fitness activity as much as a
    competitive winter sport. Abroad skiers generally
    follow prepared tracks here in the UK we tend to
    make our own on golf courses and across
    parks and fields.

  • Skis

    View Our Skis »

    You'll find all our alpine cambered skis here. Very few companies differentiate
    between Telemark and AT skis these days, so we don't either. Perceived
    user/ intended use is to open to debate so we've gone with
    something concrete and listed them by underfoot width.

  • Winter Sale

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